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Ductless Mini Split – New Construction

Ductless Mini Split – New Construction



If you’re building a new home in the Denver area, now is the perfect time to consider a ductless heating and cooling system. Going ductless is a popular choice for new homes because it offers super high efficiencies and increased home comfort. 

Advanced Technology For Your New Home – Advancements in the HVAC industry reshape and transform our lives for the better.  Technology has advanced in every area of our lives, including the way we heat and cool our homes. Daikin advanced technology affords you many modern conveniences you’re going to love.  

  • Intelligent Eye sweeps the room and adjusts for temperature changes
  • Remote control
  • Smart inverter technology

Enjoy year round comfort. You get 2-in-1 functionality when you choose a ductless heat pump because it provides both heating and cooling.  It’s like getting 2 units for the price of one. Gone are the days of needing to purchase a furnace and an air conditioner. One unit does it all!

Better Indoor Air Quality.  Reap the rewards when you go ductless because you won’t be forcing air through dirty ductwork. You’ll have better indoor air quality and state of the art technology that provides more comfort.

Don’t settle for second best.  Up until now there hasn’t been a better alternative to heat and cool your home. You don’t have to put up with the pitfalls of traditional forced air heating and cooling thanks to the ductless heat pump.

Building a new home in Denver, CO?  Check out why it’s the perfect time to Go Ductless.

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