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Ductless Heat Pump for Grow Houses

Ductless Heat Pump for Grow Houses

Cannabis and Ductless HVAC Are A Perfect Match

What does Cannabis growing and Ductless HVAC have to do with one another?  Everything!

As ductless contractors we know a lot about heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  We also know a lot about humidity levels and how they affect the Cannabis plant. To ensure crop health and abundance you have to provide a healthy environment for Cannabis.

Survive or Thrive.  The ductless heat pump addresses two major concerns for most grow house: temperature and humidity.  There’s a big difference between protecting the crop and providing an environment that allows the crop to thrive.

Save On Utility Bills.  Ductless heat pumps also known as ductless mini splits meet the bill every time. The ductless system offers some of the highest performance and highest efficiencies in the HVAC industry and many units are ENERGY STAR® rated. You can expect to reduce your energy consumption and your energy bill.

Reliability and Dependability.  You don’t want to take chances with the heating and cooling system because a lot is at stake. Daikin systems have one of the best warranties in the business and features a 12-year parts and service on many models. 

Flexible and Scalable.  We understand that there can be an ever-changing conditions in your grow house and that you need the ability to be able to control lights on temperature and lights off temperature is critical.

Temperature Control. We know that too high or low temperatures affects the growth and production of the marijuana plants. grow houses require proper temperature control.  A ductless system is the perfect candidate for controlling temperature within a grow house.

While you can have many options to resolve the climate issues that are associated with a grow room, using ductless mini split brings you many advantages that you can’t get from other systems.

Need energy efficient climate control for your Denver grow house? Find out how a ductless heat pump can save energy, save money and protect your marijuana plants.  Get A Quote, Ask A Question, or Schedule an Appointment today!

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